Picture Guard
Picture Guard

The professional version of Photo No-No! from Elex Technologies, Inc.

Picture Guard
is the professional version of 
Photo No-No! It has all the great features of Photo No-No! plus:

  • Easy to download, install and setup.  Picture Guard runs in the background.
  • Picture Guard runs on almost any operating system.
  • Runs as a service on Windows NT, Window 2000 Server, XP or Vista, or as a daemon on Linux, Solaris, or other versions of UNIX.
  • Picture Guard can protect your entire company, school, agency, or institution by using just one copy or running instance.
    • Employee’s computers can be set to use the Picture Guard server proxy.
    • Multiple computers can connect at one time to the same server running Picture Guard.
    • Multiple computers can share one Internet connection.
  • Supports multiple proxy protocols not just http.
  • Customizable port settings, timeouts, etc.
  • Proxy auto configuration script for easy setup.
  • Remote management interface.
  • Good site list to allow images from desired sites.
  • Selectable blocked image for display on “bad” images with many to choose from or can be easily set to any image.
  • Manual site blocking.  You can add specific sites to block.
  • Predefined blocked sites lists available.
  • Customizable blocked site html text to be displayed when an access attempt to the site is made.
  • External log file and management that logs remote connection addresses and access attempts.
  • Smart caching to reduce server load.
  • Easy to download, install, and setup.
  • Effortless default settings.  Picture Guard will correctly block the pornographic, or “bad” photos almost all of the time while letting ”good” photos through almost all the time.
  • Sliding Scale for other settings.  The level of protection can be adjusted based on your preferences.
  • Scanning of hard drives and network drives.  Examine all images already on your hard drives and network drives for pornographic photographs. See what may have already downloaded from the Internet.

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